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We've got such good response on the nail salons and waxing articles so thinking it would be a great idea to continue with a series of pampering services in Saigon for you guys and girls ;) Depend on the type your want to go for, single lash or multiple lashes (single lash tends to look more natural but if you want a more Kylie Jenner look, go for the multiple ones), it usually takes up to 2-3 hours for the service. You shouldn't feel any discomfort getting extension so do let the technician know immediately if you do so they could resolve it on spot. It's not recommended to wash your face immediately after the extension is done, give it at least a few hours. Don't dry your eyes by rubbing them with a towel, use Q-tip instead. Wearing mascara is not recommended either, using makeup removal especially the oil based one will make the eyelashes fall off more quickly. If you go for the thick extension, mascara is not really needed. Extension could last from 1-4 weeks, it is really up to how you take care of them ;)

Sooooo egg coffee? Egg + Coffee! Our team is obsessed with it and after years drinking it, we would like to share with you our most favorite places. First of all, it's not going to smell and taste like raw eggs. If the ingredients are blended well, you'll find it tasty, creamy with a bitter taste of coffee at the end. It is quite fair to say that it tastes like liquid tiramisu as some describe. Let's dive it!

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