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100+ affordable options! Fully furnished, near the city center, street food down the road! You'll find most of the houses located in the signature alleys of Saigon. We will book in viewings for rooms that will be the right fit for you and your requirements. Even if there is only one room you are interested in we’ll try to show you a couple of rooms so you can have a comparison. It is important for you to make the right decision.


To move around Saigon, there are a few options. Public buses are available but they're usually not on-time at service is not at best. Grab, which is similar to Lyft and Uber is the most used app and probably the easiest way to move around if you don't drive. If you want some independence and get a scooter or motorbikes, we do offer this with both manual and automatic options.


Visas/ Work Permit/ Temporary Residence Card

We offer free consultation so feel free to contact us to understand which paperwork you need to obtain for your purpose. We cut the red tap, help save your time and let you focus on more important things!


Get good health coverage from $500 a year? Yes it's possible! We'll suggest the most suitable packages according to your need with direct billing option from local to worldwide protection.

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