“Saigonese” – a lovely word to call the people who are born and grown up in Sai Gon, are warm and open-minded. Furthermore, the land of Saigon is also known as the culinary paradise of Vietnam due to its long history of development, all the culinary elites are brought in, sublimated in this land. The taste of people and the richness of cuisine have formed a unique culture of the Saigonese: The culture of drinking – NHẬU!



Looking for a flea market? Saigon has got some options that you have to spend some time to check them out. If you are a fashion lover, you can find bunches of things like designed clothes, 2nd hand ones, diverse accessories etc. for male and female. They don’t have specific locations, so you need to follow them on Facebook or Instagram to see when where they are.


You are not recommended to drive without a valid license - this needs to be either a Vietnam's driving license or a temporary license converted from your international driving permit. The penalties for not possessing a license when you drive can be severe: from 3 years up to 10 years if causing accident, and even 20 years if accidents causing death. 

Located 150km to the east of Ho Chi Minh city, Lagi beach has just become poppular to tourists recently. That’s why the seaside here remains pristine, with many delicious dishes from seafood available.