One of the popular personal concerns when foreigners traveling in Vietnam is where to buy shoes and clothes with US-UK sizes. The common shoes sizes in Vietnam are from 36 to 39 UK size and we know about that inconvenience so we would like to summarize some places to buy US-UK clothes and shoes from 40 in HCM city. Check it out here.



1- Casual clothes for women, they also have E,F size underwear

Website:  http://shopbigsize.com/

Address: 120/4 Trần Thái Tông - P.15 - Q. Tân Bình - TP.HCM

Phone: 0129 4245 424


2- Pants

Website: https://linhstyle.vn/Quan-Dai--Quan-Lung_m480.htm

Address: 86/68 Ông Ích Khiêm F14 Q11 TP.HCM


3- Jeans and underwear

Website: http://jeanonline.vn/

Address: 154/59/10 Phạm Văn Hai, Phường 03, Quận Tân Bình TpHCM

Phone: 0986 967 429




1- Go along Ly Chinh Thang Street, District 3. There are many shops have big size shoes. https://goo.gl/maps/HZFTbkMowZF2


2- Russian Market: the price is quite good and has many kinds of shoes, clothes to choose, but you need to check carefully before deciding to pay.



3- Women shoes: There are very diversity kind of shoes, all of the shoe items have size 40, 41

Website: http://merlyshoes.com

Address: 876 Trường Sa, P.13, Quận 3, TPHCM

Phone: (028)66857298 - (028)66759698


4- Men shoes: 44up Shop, they have size 49 for men


Website: http://44up.vn/

Address: 275/112 Quang Trung - Phường 10 - Quận Gò Vấp - HCM

Phone: 0944445117


There is a complex store you can find shoes, clothes, accessories, perfume,… If you are interested in shoes or clothes but can’t find the right size, you can send a request to them. They will help to find the perfect size for you.

Website: https://factoryoutlet.asia/en/

Address 1: 52 Hoa Hong, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City

Address 2: 212B/D90 Nguyen Trai, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Phone: +84 1268 9999 78 / +84 907 37 47 57